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Ashley K. Thomas is a researcher, facilitator, + coach standing with communities healing for liberation + decolonization. She currently serves as a Program Manger at USC Equity Research Institute where she conducts quantitative + qualitative research on building governing power in disinvested communities + creating an inclusive + equitable economy. Ashley has spent nearly 15 years in movement work, building power with communities of color, particularly for women of color, as experts who can create innovative solutions to our collective challenges.



Khrysta Robinson (she/they) is a creator, birthworker, coach, community connector, and facilitator living on unceded Tongva land (also known as Los Angeles, CA). She currently serves as the Recruitment Manager for Coaching for Healing, Justice, and Liberation.


As the founder of their practice, Impending Bloom, Khrysta works with her coaching partners and doula clients to move through moments of transformation so that they may tap into their sacred humanity, release what no longer serves them, and give birth to their emerging selves.

As a facilitator, Khrysta assists teams, organizations, and foundations in doing their part to birth our next world by focusing on creating sustainable, humane systems and keeping an eye on opportunities for radical shifts within our movements.

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