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Collective care is made possible through community support. Below are some ways that you, as our community, could help us create this space of care for our attendees.


One of the core values of R+R is to keep this space free of charge for all attendees. That also means providing stipends for childcare + time off, when funds allow. If it is sustainable for you, we invite you to make a donation to our efforts.

We also ask that you help us in spreading the word to your networks.



Do you know any Black women or Black gender expansive change agents in Southern California that could benefit from the R+R Fellowship? If so, please complete + submit a nomination form so that we may consider them no later than July 17 (earlier is better). And yes, you can nominate yourself!



An important part of our retreat is having body workers to help our attendees tune into the wisdom of their bodies. This can include yogis, massage therapists, somatic instructors, reiki practitioners, acupuncturists, etc. If you are/know of a Black practitioner located in Southern California that could contribute to this space, please email with your/their information.



The land on which we host the retreat is a vital collaborator to R+R. This year, we are working to deepen our connection to the land by connecting with the people who first stewarded it. If you have a connection to the Yuhaaviatam/Serrano People or know anyone native to Yuhaaviat land (aka Big Bear), please email with their information.

2022 Community Asks: Projects
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